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The world's best for six days in Tartu

Logging competitions are sawing competitions with chainsaws. The World Championship has been held since 1970. According to the current set of rules, championships have been held in Estonia since the same time.

There are five technical disciplines of competition: tree felling, fitting another chain, bucking with combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing.

The best in Estonia were revealed for the first time in 1994. The Estonian team participated in the World Championship for the first time in 1995.

FREE ENTRY FOR ALL!  (except Country Fair Showarena)

Both men and women of all ages engage in logging sports. Whereas the competition among women has intensified in recent years. Each competitor has his own story, how he got into the sport of logging and why he does it in the first place.

A big award ceremony on April 22

Come and see who will be crowned the world's best loggers!

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