Estonians are competing for medals after the first day of competitions

The elite of the logging sport has gathered for World Logging Championships in
Tartu. The new world champion will be crowned on Saturday. Estonians have a part
to play in this race for medals.
After the first day of the competition, it is clear that the Estonians have prepared well
for the WLC. There was a lot of cheering in the technical disciplines area when
Helvis Koort, a member of the Estonian team, achieved a great result in fitting
another chain (10.13 seconds). The current world record holder in this discipline is
Ole Harald Kveseth, who showed his class with 8.78 seconds, just a little short of the
record. His record time was 8.36 seconds. Kveseth, who demonstrated his excellent
form also in bucking by combined cuts and precision bucking, is currently holding the
first place.
Another member of the Estonian team, Jarro Mihkelson, dominated the technical
disciplines area today with a solid and stable performance in all three disciplines.
Whether Mihkelson and Koort stay in the race for medals will largely depend on their
results in felling. Today, close-to-maximum results were achieved in this discipline.
The reigning world champion Marco Trabert did very well in felling today and is
holding the sixth place in this discipline. However, whether he will defend his title as
the world champion depends on how he will do in tomorrow's events – fitting another
chain, combined bucking and precision bucking.
The best in felling today was Richard Elliot, a representative of the UK, scoring 654
points. The maximum possible score, and the world record, is 660, so his result fell
just short of the record. In bucking by combined cuts, Gediminas Stasiūnas also got
a result close to the record, scoring 203, just 1 point lower than the record.
In the junior class (U24), Estonians have high hopes for Peeter Mitt, who has
performed very well in technical disciplines and holds first place after three events.
Although fitting another chain did not work out as expected, his overall level
was high and stable. Whether he can hope for a medal will be clear after the felling.
In felling, Ricardo Michalik of Germany gave an excellent result with a score of 642.
Success in this discipline bodes well for an overall high score.
In women’s class, the ranking changed at the last minute, when Barbara Rinnhofer
from Austria won in fitting another chain with 12.30 seconds. This result was better
than that of many professional-class contestants! Barbara's success in bucking and
precision cutting placed her at the top of the leaderboard. The runners-up are Marjut
Laakkonen from Finland and Nozomi Okada, a representative of Japan, in third
place. Karina Riive of Estonia is just 2 points behind in fourth place.

The competition continues tomorrow with the same disciplines – felling, fitting
another chain, bucking by combined cuts and precision bucking. The last event
– limbing – is held on Saturday.
One thing is clear: after the first day, no one dares to predict who will become the
world champion. There are several candidates for the title!

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