World Logging Championships focus on sustainability

The 34th World Logging Championships, held in Tartu from 19 to 22 April, bring together more than three hundred foreigners involved in the competitions, plus spectators and the organising team. When organising such a major event, it is essential to pay attention to its environmental footprint.

Chief organiser of the competitions Mart Kelk explained that organisers started to think of the event’s environmental footprint long before the beginning of the championships. “Loggers are usually forestry people, and forestry professionals are some of the most environmentally minded people in the world. So, ensuring that the competitions have the least environmental impact possible is important."

Kelk added that they carefully considered several event planning aspects from the environmental perspective. In addition to the usual environmental impacts of events, such as waste, transport and catering, logging has its specificities arising from the use of chainsaws. Thus, it was necessary to think about fuel use.

As a result, the organisers laid down the following environmental mitigation measures to be implemented at the 34th world championships.


●       No disposable tableware is used! We use regular dishes or Ringo reusable dishes, if necessary.


●       Waste is sorted by type: packages, biowaste, household waste, and mixed waste.

●       Flags and banners used at the venue will be reused at later events – they are not produced for this event only.

●       Suitable leftover wood material will be used for future training and competitions.


●       Participants get instructions on how to get around the city. They can walk, use the bike-sharing system, or rent electric scooters. Transfer to the venue is provided once a day.

●       The participants have been informed about the footprint they leave behind.

Energy and fuel:

●       Many contestants use eco-friendly fuel and chain oil in their saws.

●       The venue has a permanent electricity connection, with minimum electricity consumption between 18:00 and 07:00.

Relatively large amounts of wood are used during the competitions. All the material is PEFC-certified and comes from sustainably managed forests.

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