Technical disciplines

Tree felling

The contestant must try to fell a tree to fall at a designated spot - he places or shows where to place a sharpened stake with a length of 1.5 m at a distance of 15 m from the tree. 
It is important to choose the right felling direction, taking into account the wind, the shape of the crown and the diameter of the tree and another characteristics for a successful performance.
Points depend on felling time, accuracy of felling, the measurements of sink and hinge and the height of the stump.  
All this must be done following the correct work and safety techniques. A maximum of 600 points can be obtained for successful completion of this discipline. 400 points are for accuracy and 200 points are for speed and correctness. The competitor has a maximum of 5 minutes to complete the task.

Fitting another chain

The competitor must remove the chain from the saw at speed, turn the saw blade over and put a replacement chain on the saw. When assembling the saw, the saw chain and fastening nuts must be carefully tightened, because the next two competition areas must be performed with the same setting.
The best competitors can get over 120 points for fitting another chain. Penalty points are awarded for dropping a nut or chain, not rotating the saw blade, sloppy chain tension or improper installation, and safety violations. Penalty points will also be given if there is an injury to the hands during changing the chain.

Bucking by combined cuts

The competitor's task is to cut a 3-8 cm thick disk from two ends of a 35 cm diameter log placed at an angle of 7 degrees to the ground. This must be done by cutting the first half from the bottom to within the red band, and then cutting the rest from the top. Both discs must be separated from the bottom and top with a cut so that both cuts meet in 10 cm wide stripes drawn on the sides of the log.
Points are awarded according to the speed, the precise alignment of the cuts, the thickness of the discs and compliance with safety standards. A maximum of nearly 200 points have been obtained for the completion of this discipline. 

Precision bucking

The contestant must cut off a disc from two stems as completely as possible without damaging the board beneath the stem. The board is covered in sawdust. The disc must be between 3 cm and 8 cm thick.
If a competitor cuts into a log, the score for that log is automatically zero. Cuts must be made perpendicular to the long axis of the log.
Speed of performance, correctly made cuts and compliance with safety standards are evaluated. The calculation of time points is done analogously to the bucking by combined cuts. It is possible to get about 240 points for this discipline depending on the speed of performance.


30 artificial round branches are inserted into a cylindrically trimmed stem. The branches are made of birch and their diameter is 33 mm. They are inserted into the stems in the same drilling pattern.
The contestant must try to limb the stem as quickly as possible, without damaging it or leaving any stumps. He must observe the safety regulations in carrying out this task.
In addition to exceeding the standard time (30 sec) and lamination quality errors, penalty points can also be obtained for violating work safety requirements. It is possible to get more than 440 points for limbing, of which 200 are for the quality of the work and the rest for the speed.

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